About Us

about-skillgainsSkillGains holds the honor of being the first online learning platform made specifically for the nation of Pakistan. Here, every section of Pakistan ranging from youth, academia, average person to the small and medium sized businesses can take their part and polish their skills to relish the benefits of learning. Readers are the leaders and likewise learners are the earners. SkillGains focuses on the in-demand courses that can help you unleash your potential by discovering your skill set and working to match them to the world class market. If you attend our courses with dedication, we guarantee to enhance your job prospects, and equip you with the necessary skill-set and make you a life-long learner.

Our dream is to make trendy and technical courses accessible to every common person of Pakistan to make it easy for them to embark on the journey of learning. We dream of a culture where equal learning opportunities are available to all. We are dedicated to bring revolution by making it possible for every less privileged child of Pakistan to learn the world-class courses. A sustainable change is only possible when we invest in directing the energies of the youth.

No matter where are you living and what is your lifestyle, we know that you have the ambition to grow, a desire to rise up, a dream to discover your passion, a wish to find out your purpose on earth, and our aim is to help you in the process of your discovery and success by providing you the platform to polish your talent and bring it in use by learning the market competitive skills.

SkillGains.com, being the first e-Learning platform of Pakistan is designed for the youth, academia, businesses and Pakistanis from all walks of life. Our world-class courses help the learners achieve professional excellence in a wide range of fields and enhance their skillsets. At SkillGains.com, we are committed to improve the quality of education in Pakistan with the minimum resource utilization and providing the fastest approach to deliver knowledge.

It is undeniable to say that technology has dominated the 21st century and has penetrated in every sphere of our lives from homes to offices to industries. Without knowing the industry relevant skills, you won’t be able to make your place in the tech-world. SkillGains.com works with the industry leaders, subject experts and pioneers in the respective fields around the globe. Our target is to bridge the gap between a common man and the industry experts. We do not want that any youngster is left with the pain of unfulfilled dreams because of limited resources.

Knowledge has no boundaries and online learning, being an effective tool, is ready to prove it. SkillGains.com is working across continents to go beyond the boundaries and to bring the benefits of E-Learning technology to the local and the international spectrum. SkillGains.com is a proud Member of International E-Learning Association, located in New York, USA. The International E-Learning Association (IELA) is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of e learning in the classroom and the workplace all over the world.

When it comes to develop the human resources and bring radical change in the management processes, who could it be better than the American Management Association. SkillGains.com is a gratified member of American Management Association, USA and develops the resources in-line with the latest trends, researches and insights backed by the American Management Association, USA.

SkillGains.com is a prominent member of E-Learning Guild, California, USA. The e-Learning Guild is the oldest and most trustable source of information, networking, and community for e-Learning professionals. The Guild produces conferences, online events, online and blended training courses, eBooks, white papers, research reports, and Learning Solutions—all devoted to the idea that the people who know the most about making e-Learning successful are the people who produce e-Learning every day in the corporate, government, and academic settings.

We are pleased to say that Australian E-Learning Association, Queensland, Australia (AeLA) has proudly accepted SkillGains.com among its prestigious supporters, collaborators and members. AELA publishes papers and materials on the development of new technology standards and best practices for the recommendation and adoption by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Industry Skills Councils and VET/Education Providers. Its responsibilities if to respond to government initiatives, publishing the directions as well as lobbying for the particular needs globally and nationally that impact the Educational Providers, Training Organizations and Professional Trainers.

SkillGains.com is focused in bringing this international expertise to the people of Pakistan. At SkillGains, We are working hand in hand with leading Australian companies to produce cutting-edge e-learning solutions for the Australian market too along with our National market.

At SkillGains.com, we focus not only on the work we do but also on the core organization culture that we create and nurture. Every associate of SkillGains spends the quality time learning new skills and technologies to bring a radical change to their own lives. We value the knowledge which can change the lives of the people for good.

At SkillGains,

We believe that all minds have the ability to think great,

All human beings have talent to achieve great,

The power to change ideas into reality,

The courage to go from ordinary to extra-ordinary,

The desire to make a successful future,

Explore the infinite possibilities around,

Aspiring something big, something phenomenal:

Designing the life-changing solutions,

Solutions that are sustainable,

Implementing those solutions to achieve success.

For such minds, harnessing every moment is important.

We provide this chance at SkillGains”.

SkillGains is set to improve human lives through learning. With new and improved skills, one can bring change to their habitat, living conditions and achieve the goals of life. SkillGains is Pakistan’s first e-learning platform that is geared towards making everyone learn something new each day.

Education & learning opportunities must be available to all. At SkillGains, we believe in universal access to learning for all regardless of any student’s background, previous knowledge and intellectual capacity. Everyone’s invited.

Learning & education must not be expensive at all. SkillGains dream of a Pakistan where learning opportunities are always affordable, readily accessible and practically attainable.

It’s time to overcome the skills gap in Pakistan and teach the most needed subjects to people from all walks of life. Through providing resources to the most sought-after courses, Pakistan would not only reduce it’s unemployment rate but will also improve the living conditions of our people.

E-learning must be interactive and easy. At Skillgains.com, we make interactive and easy to understand training courses in Urdu language so that learning is attainable for all.

At Skillgains.com, we believe in learning on the go. We ensure that you can learn anything at anytime and that’s why our courses are available on-the-go.