Certification With SkillGains


There is not much practical use of hours of learning if you cannot back it up with any certification. A certificate is like a stamp on your learning level and an effective way of impressing your potential employers and colleagues. SkillGains is proud to introduce the first internationally certified online course in Pakistan.

The courses are certified by the CPD, UK, an independent body for accreditation of the courses, trainings, and conferences. Established in 1996 as an independent accreditation institution, CPD, UK is working across different industry sectors to ensure the Continuing Professional Development of professional companies and academic institutes. The CPD, UK provides support, advice and accreditation according to a global set of CPD rules.

Each certified course has an assessment. No certificate can be achieved unless a learner has completely watched all the video lectures at a normal speed. The assessment opens up only after all the video lectures are watched completely. Once the learner passes the assessment, they can request their certificate instantly. Raise your profile, and increase the worth of your resume.