Course Outline

course-outline-for-instructorsIt is important to write an outline for your learners to understand the format of the course and plan their schedule accordingly. Giving an outline, which is measurable for the learners, will be beneficial.

You can take help from course outline templates available on Google or make your own customized outline.

  • Course title
  • Section topic
  • The goal of each section
  • Estimated time duration
  • Format of the course
  • Additional resources
  • Quiz

Including following elements is important:

Course Title

You should select an enticing and appealing topic for the course that catches reader’s attention and urges him to look for the course content. Try to understand the motives of the learners for taking any course. “Learn to win 1,000 Subscribers” is more appealing as compared to “Learn to Make an Awesome Youtube Video”.

Section Topic

Choose a section topic, which clearly communicates the goal of the section. Every section should be targeted at learning a specific skill.

The Goal of Each Section

You should write down in simple words that what learners should expect after completing the section. What actions they would be able to perform and what results they can expect after completing the section successfully.

Estimated Time Duration

You must be wondering why is it important to mention the estimated time duration. It holds importance and helps the learners allocate fixed study hours on a weekly basis after getting an idea of the estimated time duration needed to complete the course.

Format of the Course

The format of the course should be decided, while planning to initiate the course recording. You must be clear as to which parts should be better explained visually by using illustrations and images. Which topic can be well explained by only text and which subject areas need an animated demonstration. It all depends on your experience and personal preference.

Additional Resources

Any supplementary resources needed for further studies can be included to direct your students for gaining further knowledge apart from the course videos. You can add a checklist or PDF files for this purpose.


Adding quiz after few videos will let your students assess their learning up to this point. It is a good way of keeping your students focused on learning more. The nature of the quiz shouldn’t be complex but must cover the important points taught in the previous lessons.