Course Recordings

course-recordings-criteria-at-skillgainsUnlike other online platforms, we provide you the facility to record video at our professional studios. The basic requirements of an online course are that students should be able to hear and see you clearly and navigate through the course smoothly. Good news is that you don’t need to worry about the recording technicalities, as we are here to provide you the expert team to deal with the recording, editing, and uploading of the lectures.

You only need to focus on the subject matter, as this is the only thing we require from you to put your efforts in. The course content should be interesting and engaging for the students and should deal with them according to their knowledge level. Your tone should be confident and strong while recording the lectures to leave an impact on the learner’s mind.

Skill Gains reserves the right to reject any course if we find the course dull, including outdated facts and irrelevant concepts, or not being able to develop students’ interest throughout the course. Presenting the information in an appealing way is the quality of every inspiring Instructor. Using simple and strong language is the requirement to make the course easy to digest. We wish you best of luck for recording an awesome course at!