faq-skillgainsHow long will it take me to complete the ‘Mastering Facebook Marketing’ course?

It depends on how quickly you can grasp the knowledge provided in the course. The content is carefully designed and medium of learning is the video lectures, which will make it easy for you to learn the concepts. The recorded length of the course is 25 hours, excluding any course updates and updated videos. However, you may have to go back to the videos for understanding the concepts & clarifications, seeing the examples and practicing the on-screen demonstrations. Practice makes a man perfect so learning only the theory without implementing it won’t benefit you much. Keeping the average learner’s progress period and individual note-taking and practice exercises in mind, it would take you 120 hours to complete. That’s around 2 months time approximately, with an average time spent on Facebook Marketing of 2 hours each day. However, with ‘Mastering Facebook Marketing Course’, you get lifetime to the course content and videos, including newly updated lectures.

What is the difference between ‘Modules’ and ‘Videos’?

The “Mastering Facebook Marketing Course’ is divided into thirteen modules. The modules are the main topics of knowledge, or it can be defined as the chapters. Each module has a set number of videos lectures on sub-topics to cover the subject in totality.

What if I am not a beginner in Facebook Marketing and have some previous experience?

It is good to have some previous knowledge of the Facebook Marketing before you start the course, however, it is not necessary. The Instructor has kept this fact in the mind that many learners may or may not have previous knowledge of Facebook Marketing. If they have previous knowledge and experience, they can quickly revise the basics and then pace up with the Instructor. This would help in eliminating any wrong practice a learner might be doing which may have obstructed his success in this field. By taking the Basic course, you will be able to design a project that gives you the root knowledge and increase your experience.

I am weak in English? Are the course video lectures in English?

At, we make all the courses and their videos in the Urdu / Hindi language, or shall we say Minglish (90% Urdu / Hindi, with 10% English, the way we talk in Pakistan & India). If English is a major language barrier for you, then don’t worry. The course videos are made with the purpose of helping you out and saving you the hassle of understanding the twisted accent and funny facts of the English language.

Can I just enroll in a single module, instead of taking the entire course?

For a single module: No. The whole course is designed as a package and we have bifurcated the modules for a better understanding of the learners. Also, the instructor has given the references and examples of previous lectures, which you would not be able to understand if you have not gone through the previous modules.

Do I need to take the course in a specific order?

We recommend taking the course in the order presented, as each subsequent level will build on the material presented in the previous level and module. You can’t expect to jump directly to step 10 without crossing earlier steps.

Can I get any certificate for this course?

Yes. You can request for the certificate only when you have successfully watched all video lectures and you have passed the online assessment of the course. A certificate by the CPD, UK, UK”s leading accreditation body and can be yours after you’ve successfully completed the entire course and passed the final quiz.

What will I be able to do upon completing the course?

You’ll be able to master the Facebook Advertising to quickly jumpstart your business to the next level, start marketing on Facebook with ease & in a highly cost-effective manner. Wondering when did Facebook turned into a business platform? Well, you can’t doubt the smart mind of Mark, do you?

You’ll be able to reach new customers, connect with them effectively, and lower your ad costs via Facebook Ads. You can start making money as a Freelancer by giving Facebook Advertising services. You can also use advanced features of Facebook advertising & expand to the International Markets whilst sitting in Pakistan. You can start gaining huge revenues without even having your own products. You can reach Scalability through Manual Bidding and make enormous profits. You can also start your own Social Media Agency and have the option of running your own successful e-commerce business.

 Who is this course for and what are its prerequisites?

Anyone with the right amount of passion and a little understanding of the Internet can easily do this course. If you are a social bee or once in a week user, whether you’re looking for a part-time job, or opportunities to start your own brand, or interested in opening your own Social Media Agency, the world is your oyster. All you need is Internet access, a laptop or smartphone and knowledge of the Facebook (the only book everyone reads with full attention).

How can I contact if I have any questions?

If your queries are about the account accessibility, then you can contact our Customer Care representative at the number given on the website, that is 051 2724221. You can also reach us by emailing at If your concerns are regarding the course contents or you have a specific question about a course topic, you can email at

How much does this course cost?

The complete ‘Mastering Facebook Marketing Course’ is priced at US$ 80, and for Pakistani students, its priced at PKR 10,000. Yet, there are a limited number of sales events and discounts that are provided only for a few days in a calendar year. During such sales events, you can avail the massive discount on the course fee. So hurry up and don’t waste the opportunity to become a super learner by enrolling in our in-demand courses. You can watch the first five video lectures of the course at anytime for free. This is the time to learn something out of the formal and purely academic content, which surely goes over your head for the most part. Just kidding! (But the reality can’t be denied).

How can I order? What are the acceptable payment methods?

World-class learning is just a click away. Click on “BUY NOW” button on our website; fill in your details and Place the Order. We have chalked out a couple of payment options for your ease.

If you love paying through debit & credit cards, then Awesome! That’s called Digitization & we love you for that. Just visit the course page and click on the button “GET THIS COURSE” to place your order. The rest of the process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

If you are based in Pakistan, then you may pay us through Cash on Delivery. Our courier service representative will reach your doorstep along with the Welcome Pack that contains the Activation Code to unlock all the Video Lectures of the course. At the moment, the Cash on Delivery option is only available in Pakistan and we will be rolling it out for our Indian students next year.

You can also contact our Customer Care team. Our Customer Care team is reachable on 0092 51 272 4221. Alternatively, you can write to us at

We are a group of friends and would like one of us to buy the course, and the rest will use the same account, are there any restrictions on that?

Well, we believe that there must be no restrictions on knowledge and the education must be accessible to all. Regardless of the fact that how much we would love all of your friends to learn from the course, there are certain restrictions that are placed on our platform. Each Student who buys the course can only access the course on two systems, which is one Desktop/Laptop system and one Mobile device. If you try accessing the course from any other system, then the IP would be blocked and you may lose your access to the course. This limitation is set to keep the cyber security intact. Also, the certificate of completion of the course would only be provided to you, since you have bought the course. reserves the right to cancel the access to an account holder in case of any fraudulent activity. So, instead of focusing on finding a shortcut to avoid paying, please prefer to call our Customer Care team, who is friendly, happy, and ready to help you. They would certainly look after your needs and will try their best to accommodate you.

I love the work is doing? How can I join your team?

Awesome! We are always looking for people who are crazy, talented and ready to challenge the status quo. If you have these qualities, then we are all ears to hear your voice. Please visit our Careers page to see the open vacancies. You may access the Careers page by clicking here.

I can teach the world a lot and would like to make a course. How can I do this?

We are not like those geeky professors with heavy tone struggling with their spectacles delivering the lengthy boring lecture during which half of the class is snoozing. There are two types of courses at 1) Signature Programs 2) Spectrum Programs. Signature Programs are the courses designed, produced, recorded, and delivered by’s Products team. Whereas, the Spectrum Programs are the user-generated courses, which could be on any topic, designed, produced, and recorded by the users. Both program types are subject to terms and conditions. If you think you have something awesome to teach, we would like to hear from you. Please contact our Products team at