Instructor Application

submit-instructor-application-at-skillgainsTired of teaching at the institutes on low income? We are well aware of the fact that teachers don’t get their due share with respect to the income in a majority of institutes in Pakistan. Teaching is the noble profession, which Prophets adopted to remove the ignorance from the world. It is our responsibility to provide privileges to the instructors, so that they are better able to fulfill the duties assigned to them.

We provide a platform to the talented teachers to become SkillGains Instructors. It is a promising career as there is no limit to how much you can earn by a single course. Our online platform holds immense potential in itself, as this is a billion dollar industry nowadays with millions of users connected globally. Just imagine the chances it holds for your course to become a hit.

If you are able to make a powerful course by keeping in view the guidelines provided by, then you are near to become an inspiration soon. You can be a trendsetter for other teachers and prove your difference by diving in the world of technology. It doesn’t matter which topics you are going to teach as long as you have a full grip on them and you are able to make them interesting for the learners. doesn’t recruit new Instructors throughout the year due to a high volume of applications. Only a carefully selected handpicked applications and topics are considered for further exploration. Please fill out the following form to apply as an Instructor and prove us your abilities to be a SkillGains Instructor.