Instructor Partnerships


Days of picking up students and waiting for their arrival before you start teaching in a classroom setting have passed. With the introduction of technology, you can offer online classes instead of face-to-face interactions with the students. What makes this idea better is the reason that all your talk will be recorded which can be played hundred to thousands of times, least to be told. Don’t have necessary equipment and skills to record your video lessons? No worries as the is here with its helping hand extended for the partnering instructors.

This tech-enriched platform will aid you with awesome videography amidst a professional environment. From recording to video editing, everything will be handled by technical team. Once recorded, your courses will be available to learners all over the world. The real magic is – after taking the partnership with as an instructor, you not only get a break from finding students but can make different students understand the same course to learn at their own pace without repeating for hours yourself. Such a peace in itself!

So, what are you waiting for? All you need is to just focus on conveying the subject knowledge with your professional teaching skills and join right away to see your money growing exponentially. Getting fame worldwide is just another added benefit you can enjoy with! But HURRY UP! Because we aren’t accepting the same courses from different instructors that we already have and you may lose the opportunity to launch a course if you don’t hustle and take action now!