Learner Questions

learner-questionsImagine being enrolled in a course and stuck at a problem, which can only be solved, by your mentor or instructor. Would you like to receive a reply to your query after 2 days? Definitely, the answer to this question is a straight “No”. No one likes late replies and unattended queries. As an Instructor at SkillGains.com, you must try to answer all learner questions within 12 hours or faster to ensure the learners’ learning experience is not compromised and they are effectively utilizing their time in learning. This helps you in maintaining a good rapport with your learners, as everyone likes individual attention paid to them. Your responsiveness will also help you in promoting your new courses. Students will love to take your courses if they will be able to interact with you on a regular basis. This will give them a feeling of real-time interactive mentorship where they can easily get their issues resolved. You are more likely to gain positive reviews if you are responsive to your learners’ queries.

A question by a learner gives you a better understanding of the amount of knowledge they have about that subject. If you want to judge whether the learners have gained sufficient knowledge from your lectures, you can judge it by the quality of their questions. It is a good indicator of the learning level they are on, at the moment.