Learner Support

learner-supportSkillGains is a pro-learner platform that supports learners throughout their journey. As the industrial age is over and information age has started, it demands versatile workforce who can work in an exceptionally productive way to bring maximum results in a short span of time. We strive to equip you with the skills relevant to the fast and demanding nature of today’s market.

We are ready to help the learners in all possible manners so that their learning journey continues without any halts and breaks. There are 4 kinds of learning modalities and every person learns by using any one or a combination of them. So, there are types of learners in the world:

  • Visual learners
  • Auditory learners
  • Kinesthetic learners
  • Tactile learners

We have tried to address each one of them to ensure maximum learning in its true essence. Learners may need two types of support during the whole course duration:

Subject Related Support:

The learners can get the support related to the course subject by contacting the Instructor through the medium provided within the course. Learners can find a Q&A Box under every video of the course where he can ask any question related to the course directly to the Instructor. Our Instructors normally reply within 24 hours of duration. They are industry experts and willing to assist you in successfully completing your learning journey.

Course Technical Support:

As we are providing online courses so a technical glitch may occur. Software errors are inevitable to occur as there is a huge range of devices available in the market and every software is not precisely compatible with every device due to many technical limitations. In case of any such issue, a learner can receive the technical support by contacting the SkillGains support team on Facebook Messenger or send their queries to info@skillgains.com, or the least, they can call us directly on 051 272 4 221.