Our Story

story-of-skillgainsA child was born in a remote area of Pakistan and raised in a middle-class family. From the very childhood, he was unconsciously trained to not go beyond the current boundaries and live within the restrictions put on him by the society. He couldn’t get admission in any school due to poverty. The government school was located 20 km away from his house. When he entered his teenage years, he lost his father who died of a serious illness worsened over the years due to the lack of proper treatment. The responsibility of his mother and 3 siblings younger than him, fell upon him. He had to join a local grocery shop and start selling grocery, working overtime to let both ends meet. He used to get envious seeing other children going to the school, having access to the books and bags. The idea of going to school and gaining quality education was a dream for him.

Unfortunately, there are millions of children like this child in our country, deprived of their fundamental rights like education. The rights to learn, gain knowledge and educate themselves and improve their living standard. We are well aware of the fact that formal education is not accessible to all in Pakistan. According to Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, there are more than 22.6 million children out of school in Pakistan. These children are forced to live a life sub-standard life due to a poor educational background.

On the other hand, we have people who had massive shining opportunities in their lives, had quality education, undergone higher studies and life was all hunky dory, until they hit the mid life crisis. They want to pursue a different career at later part of their lives, whilst many are bored with their day job and have developed alternate passions. Their ego doesn’t let them go back to the school and start formal education again, nor does the societal pressures let them do so.

We believe that skills can be obtained outside the formal educational setup and they can be used to enhance one’s earning potential. One can develop a new passion and pursue it in spite of limited resources, as far as one is committed to learn. Seasoned TED speakers argue that if you want to be considerably good at something, you need to spend only 20 hours learning and practicing it with full focus. That’s not hard, but there were no such learning venues, where one could gain such life changing skills, until we started coding SkillGains.com!

These compelling reasons are the education challenges we aim to overcome. We believe that equal opportunities to learn, grow and prosper must be available to all. It’s time! It’s time we change the way we learn, it’s time we open our doors and bring the learning opportunities to all, irrespective of their grades & social status, and let them grow, without any prejudice to their accent and domiciles. We believe this is the time to change ourselves and start bringing this change to the world around us.

We had this dream in mind and struggled to develop Pakistan’s first e-learning platform to help people overcome all the barriers, which an average child of Pakistan has to face. We stand for learning, self-awareness and happiness. We are united under the slogan of ‘Happy Learning’. Our platform offers equal learning opportunities to all without any kind of prejudice and discrimination of any sort.

Join us and our growing community of learners to learn the skills in an informal way. Let’s learn at a place where learning is self-paced, convenient, and cost-effective. We are the trendsetters and we wish you to join us to bring a revolution in your life by learning cutting-edge skills.

Let’s gain new skills at SkillGains.


Happy Learning