Rewarding Learners


If you’re a quick learner and dedicated to making a mark, honors your talent as well as smart decision. Since we love to define ourselves as “a DOER, NOT a mere TALKER”, we reward such learners with massive discounts on course fees. However, the offer is kept limited only to those who will be the early birds in purchasing the course. has divided each course into two parts – paid content of the course and non-paid content of the course. We mean we want to ensure that the course you’re taking will come handy to you. So, begin streaming with 10% free video lectures of any course, if you find it awesome, then go for the entire paid course. Another good news here, if you purchase the course within 48 hours of joining it after signing up, you’ll get a huge discount of 70% off the regular course fee. Amazing, isn’t it? Give it a try & you’ll love it.