SkillGains Gift Card

Virtual Gift-Card from SkillGains is an excellent way to gift someone special. If you care for the learning and growth of your beloved ones, you can send them the gift card. You can buy credits and send those credits to your friends and fellows in the form of gift card. They can buy the course of their choice from the available credits. Isn’t it a seamless experience without the hassle of cash? This cash-less present is redeemable for any item on! Plus, the best part is that we deliver it right to your recipient’s inbox straight ahead, saving much of his/her time.


SkillGains Gift-Card Details

SkillGains gift cards can be purchased on SkillGains gift cards are virtual just like the Uber credits or Facebook free coupons! After you have purchased the gift card, the gift card ID number and Pak Rupee amount will be emailed to the recipient you specify on your order.

  • Customer must become a member of SkillGains to use a gift card.
  • Gift Card cannot be refunded, cancelled or transferred to another SkillGains member after one time transfer.
  • Gift Card purchase is not eligible for referral credit promotions or free shipping offers.
  • Gift Cards have no expiration date.
  • They can only be used to purchase products on
  • Gift cards cannot be purchased using store credit, discount codes, promo codes or other gift cards.
  • If a purchase exceeds the amount on the gift card, the remaining balance must be paid with a valid payment method. Store credit, discount codes and Wallet Additions cannot be used to cover the remaining balance of the gift card payment.
  • The purchase and use of gift cards is subject to our standard terms and conditions.
  • Lost or stolen gift cards can be replaced by contacting Customer Service; if proof of purchase is provided, SkillGains may issue a credit for the balance shown on record.