Pakistan’s 1st ‘Advanced Certification in Social Media Marketing’ Course That Reveals How to Boost Your Online Business & Increase Your Job Prospects!

Special Bonus Inside the Webinar

Pakistan’s 1st ‘Advanced Certification in Social Media Marketing’ Course That Reveals How to Boost Your Online Business & Increase Your Job Prospects!

Special Bonus Inside the Webinar

Get the behind-the-scenes tricks & trades of successful Online Social Media Marketing!

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This Course Teaches the Most In-Demand Skill that a lot of People might not even know about in Pakistan. By getting this Skill of Social Media Marketing, Students have generated thousands of dollars worth of sales in very little time. Students can not only Boost their Online Businesses but also increase future Job Opportunities. We are thankful to all the Leading Icons of Pakistan who have endorsed this course!

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Put yourself across the felt from Imtinan Ahmad - the award winning Entrepreneur. He has built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses for himself and for his clients & that's in dollar terms, literally. He has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs through private coaching & still ready to give back. He holds a MSc. degree in Marketing from The University of Manchester, UK, a Chartered Marketer, UK, and he's also an MBA in Marketing. Learn how to sharpen your online game through demos on campaign creation, optimization, budgeting & business scaling strategies. Join Imtinan in the course to learn how to increase your win rate for your online business, Increase Job Prospects, grow your ROI, and get your Social Media game right.

Imtinan Ahmad

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Be the best, learn from the best! Tamas Locher - the International online business expert joins Imtinan in bringing the top most lectures and expertise to you. Based in Budapest, Tamas has clients spread across the globe, & he is regularly being consulted by the leading international brands including Yelp, Microsoft, Twitter & Facebook. Out of the 70+ video lectures, Tamas joins you in 8 video lectures and teaches his expert online business skills. Join Tamas on the journey to Success!

Tamas Locher

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In Pakistan, the Demand for Social Media marketers is increasing at such a pace that more jobs are available than     individuals with the abilities needed to fill them. This is making way for the Freelance Social Media marketer, a fresh type of entrepreneur. So avail this chance!​

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To start the course, Imtinan elaborates the significance of Facebook Advertising. The multiple award-winning Expert breaks down the Millennial’s market segment, Facebook’s organic reach, Facebook’s methodology of targeting, scalability of content and remarketing to set the tone for the course.

In this jaw-dropping lecture, Imtinan shoes the potential of earning through Facebook Advertising. He believes in the various angles of earning a huge sum through Facebook and explains the income streams through general & niche stores. He has shown some of his successes and narrates the benefits of starting on your own.

Here, Imtinan touches upon freelancing side also and believes in not ignoring them. He segregates the difference between Facebook Page Management and Facebook Marketing Management & then demonstrates the practical examples of how it’s being done in present day.

Now it’s serious business! Imtinan gets excited narrating the drop shipping business; it’s practical examples and he establishes how same products flow between Alibaba & drop shipping websites. He goes on to teach about developing rapport with your potential suppliers and why accepting free product returns is a great practice.

Imtinan is on a spree of making things simpler. Here, he separates the myths from misnomer & explains what is a Facebook Ad and how effective Facebook marketing is amongst all other digital marketing channels.

This lecture is an answer to those who consider Facebook Ads as a fad. Here a detailed explanation about Facebook Ads & Facebook, as the most effective digital marketing channel with insane user base growth, would make things crystal clear.

Imtinan explains the difference between Google Ads & Facebook Ads. He clarifies the rationale behind the adoption of want-based medium and need-based medium for brand exposure. A real life example of Facebook Ads will help you understand what exactly is a Facebook Ad as compared to other online marketing mediums.

It’s time to dig down deeper into Facebook Ads, and see the complete breakdown of it, including it’s elements and components. Imtinan shares from his vast experience that what should be the focus in order to create an effective Facebook Ad.

The subject area Imtinan loves the most due to its technicality & significance in Business. Imtinan elucidates the different types of funnels needed for different types of businesses. He defines his methodology of creating a perfect funnel, & narrates how can one choose the best funnel for one’s business by learning what suites the best.

Let’s get technical. Imtinan presents the overview of the Business Manager in this lecture. He enlightens that with the Business Manager, you can manage all your Facebook assets in one place and it also controls the user permissions to access these assets. A highly effective Facebook tool created especially for businesses that have several people working on the company’s Facebook assets.

Imtinan defines the ads manager as the basic online dashboard to manage your campaigns. He adds that in the Ads Manager, you have all the capabilities to create and edit campaigns, ad sets, and ads, monitor the results and optimize them.

This is probably the most known area of Facebook but Imtinan explains how to do it right. One can learn about the Facebook Fan Page, what exactly it is and how can it be created without hassle by following the right sequences, and algorithmic practices.

The Power Editor is the advanced version of the Ads Manager. In Power Editor, you can perform bulk actions. You can create, edit, and duplicate your campaigns, before finally uploading them. Imtinan recites that although this tool is taken out by Facebook but its elements may return later, so it’s significant to learn about it.

Imtinan believes on the philosophy that ‘Don’t run before you can walk’. Before creating a campaign one must know the structure of the campaign. There are three levels of the Facebook Campaigns that Imtinan explains in detail. These are a). Campaigns, b). Ad Sets and c). Ads.

Here is the explanation of the different type of campaign Objectives. Imtinan talks about the major differences between them, what to use, when to use, and how to use them. He adds how the Traffic (CTW), Engagement (PPE), Web Conversions (WC), Video Views (VV) etc. work. Learn how to use optimization to your advantage.

Here, you will learn what optimization is, in terms of Facebook and how it works. Optimization is a complex concept but without knowing it, it’s hard to be a good Digital Marketer. Imtinan simplifies optimization the best and makes it easy to understand.

Imtinan also introduces the Facebook Pixel, the awesome tool by the Facebook. Imtinan defines this as a tracking code that you put on your website and it tracks all the events that are taking place on your website and sends the data back to Facebook for optimization purpose. The lecture covers the methods of creating simple and complex audiences.

Here is the detailed explanation of the installation of the Facebook Pixel on the website. Imtinan also mentions external support in Pixel Installation and from where to get the Facebook Pixel that’s specific for your business only.

PPE is to find people that are most likely to engage with your post, and they either like, comment, or share your post. Imtinan believes that it’s a great way to get a lot of social proof and get a lot of “organic” sales, however, the optimization must be kept in mind whilst using this type of promotion.

With Traffic Ads, you get as many people to click on your ad and to be redirected off Facebook to your website, as possible in a given budget. Imtinan uses CTW for e-commerce mainly, but prefers this type when it’s the amplifier effect needed for a promotion.

The purpose of the Video View Ads is to get you as many views to your video as possible. It’s great for getting people notice your ad. Imtinan notices that people without knowledge use this for ads that are not of great quality. If your video is not interesting and engaging, then don’t bother using it.

The purpose of the Website Conversion Ad is to optimize on a certain action that happens on your website using Facebook Pixel to get more of that specific action. This is Imtinan’s Go-To type for all the e-commerce conversions, lead generation, website views and for increasing the footfall.

Imtinan believes that this new addition to the Facebook Marketing arsenal will prove to be a great type in times to come. The aim of opening Messenger interactions is to make it easier to drive conversations at scale. Businesses of any size can use the Message ad objective to interact more personally with people in order to get leads, increase sales and answer questions.

Here, Imtinan explains the rest of the types, although not very commonly used for Online Businesses, but they have their own perks. You will learn about campaigns including Brand Awareness, Reach, App Install, Lead Generation and Product catalog & their respective purposes.

Displaying your Ads to the right demographic audience is the key to success. Facebook has the best ad targeting options of any ad platform. However, Imtinan adds that people normally just look at the surface of the Targeting and end up doing it all wrong. To him, this is one of the most important parts of the course. He states that there is a technique behind targeting and that’s to find the right audience. In this video lecture, you will learn all the tips & techniques for a perfect Facebook Ad Targeting.

Flex targeting lets you serve Facebook ads to people who share a highly customized combination of interests, behaviors, and demographics. In this video lecture, you will discover how to use flex targeting with your Facebook Ads and how Imtinan does it, so you can also ‘Bend it like Beckham’.

Here, Imtinan raises a series of questions that what are Ad placements? Are they simple or is there logic behind them? What placement options to choose while creating different types of Ads? One wrong click can mess up your whole campaign results. This topic requires focus.

One of the most interesting topics that Imtinan believes all Business Owners and students must know about. Learn about budgets, bidding and charges for your Facebook ads, allocate budget of your ad sets. Learn how you will fix the budget for your different types of campaigns.

This video gives you a summary of optimization and its levels. Pixel level optimization and Ad set level optimization and how both work. These are two similar and still too distant concepts and need detailed clarity before proceeding forward.

Imtinan stresses that it’s the small things that make a big difference. In this lecture, he focuses on the different types of ads and what makes a good ad. Everything from writing a top-notch sales copy, creatives, pain, and desire theory and complete breakdown of successful ads is covered here.

This is where many marketers go wrong. They choose the wrong type for the wrong purpose. Imtinan shares the different types of Ads available in Facebook environment. And what is best type of Ad for any business.

There’s a lot that has to come together to make a Facebook ad successful, you need the right targeting, a great image or video, and a compelling copy. This video is focusing on why writing matters in Facebook ads, as well as some strategies on how you can write great Facebook ads that actually convert.

In perpetuation of the previous video “What is a good Ad?” Imtinan explains a good ad copy, how to convey the message in few words, and he further cross compares between some examples to teach how you should write your Ad.

Make your Facebook Ad more compelling by making it “The Gift Ad”. Imtinan feels that this is quite relevant for online businesses and they must learn about the Gift Ad. The more detailed knowledge they have, the better-concentrated efforts they can do for their business success.

Imtinan goes on to explain the Physical Ads in detail and shares some great Ad examples to make it more comprehensive. This video lecture summaries the ad process, the ad copy, the good ad vs. a bad ad, and the ad that attracts the eye and explains the message in the ad.

Imtinan explains how optimization really works, custom audiences, private strategies that have never been revealed. He talks about the targeting on a whole new level, custom conversions and how to really use them, data leverage, and how to use Look Alike Audiences like a true Master.

In this video lecture, Imtinan defines that a Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets you find people who already know your business on Facebook. You can use sources / seeds like customer lists, engagement on Facebook or website or app traffic to create Custom Audiences.

Here comes Imtinan’s favorite topic because this is where the most money is made. You will learn how you can retarget your existing customers for other products and promotions. Also, you will learn how to retarget different users that have performed some action on your website but have not purchased anything yet. Interesting isn’t it!

Imtinan elucidates that the world is moving on Big Data and the data leverage is exponentially important for the business owners. Data leverage is a very important concept in Facebook Marketing too. Learn from the Expert how you can succeed in excel in you Facebook marketing using your data.

Facebook gives you the flexibility to create custom conversions if you do not have standard events on your website. Learn from the Best what are custom conversions? What is the difference between custom conversion and standard event? & How you can create them?

Find out the best way to target your customers by using Facebook Pixel or Audience Insight. Learn what is best for your ad campaign and what to use when, in this video lecture.

Imtinan feels that you can’t be a successful e-commerce business owner if you don’t know about LAA. Look Alike audience allows you to build new audiences using an established source audience such as people who have viewed your video or previously purchased from you. In this video lecture, you’ll discover how to create Facebook lookalike audience.

Imtinan explains how to create an Ad, and narrates the process from the start till the very end. A step-by-step onscreen explanation of creating a Facebook Ad. He covers the concepts of what do we want to see in our ads, how long to let an ad run and how to stop wasting money on ads inefficiently, split testing and how to use it to own advantage.

A sound mind is depicted from the cleanliness it adopts. Ads Manager can be messy at times, when you have too many ads running. Learn how you can manage your Ads Manager and keep it simple and tidy. Imtinan narrates his process of making Ads Manager clean and user friendly.

Imtinan quotes “Always Know Your Numbers”. There are various types of Facebook Metrics that one should keep an eye on while running Ad Campaigns to see how the Ads are doing. Is it a successful Ad or not? Find out different Facebook Metrics and their importance in evaluating results of your Ads.

Every Facebook Ad has a life, regardless of the fact if it is successful or not. One day it has to come to an end. Learn when to end a successful or an unsuccessful ad. Find out if it is performing or not, when to wait and when the wait is a wrong move.

Facebook’s split testing feature helps you identify which delivery settings, audiences, and ad placements give you the best results. In this video, the Expert teaches how to set up split tests to improve the performance of your Facebook campaigns.

Scaling is to find the most efficient way to spend money on Facebook advertising, while still reaching a good amount of people, without sacrificing too much ROI. Learn more about scaling in this video lecture.

Imtinan raises a question for the minds. Facebook allows you to change the budget of active Ad sets. But doing that causes and Ad Set to optimize again? In this video lecture, he adds how you can make changes in active ad set budget and how much time will an ad set take to re-optimize.

This is a subject area that worries even the best. Audiences overlap when sponsoring content to two or more target audiences. Often enough, the audiences we create won’t be very different from one another. In such cases, we end up paying for our ads to run against one another and the results of advertising can be affected badly. Imtinan shares his experiences and solutions to eliminate overlapping.

Every businessperson loves scaling as it gives him or her huge sums in a short span of time. However, the process is alien to many. Some who know the theory of it; they haven’t done the practice to see the results. Here, Imtinan shares how scaling structure is defined and implemented.

If you want to set yourself apart from amateurs and want to be a PRO, then you need to learn Manual Bidding and its techniques. Imtinan narrates his secret recipe and shares when to go for Manual Bidding, its budgeting and scaling strategies.

Imtinan explains that people make a mistake in realizing the amounts data points needed to create a LLA. Learn in this lecture, how much minimum data you should have to create look alike audiences for different type of conversions. Taking campaigns from $20 to $10,000 a day, and taking it from $10,000 to a Million dollar campaign, and much more…learn from the award-winning Entrepreneur, who’s been there and done that.

The Expert presents yet another winning strategy he uses for his and his clients campaigns to save the budget and to get better results. In this video lecture, you will see an onscreen demonstration of how to avoid overlapping in Facebook Advertising.

Here comes the hot stepper – Scaling Blueprint a.k.a Million Dollar Scaling! In this video lecture, Imtinan explains how you can scale your campaign from few dollars to millions of dollars of sales? It is a step-by-step formula to scale up your campaigns, created by the Expert himself.

Imtinan feels that there are always two types of businesspersons. One who take risks and one who are risk averse. Here, is Imtinan’s strategy if you are risk averse. Move slowly and make small changes. You can scale your campaigns safely, while maintaining a healthy ROI.

Dynamic Product Ads is a solution to help you promote your entire product catalog on Facebook. Dynamic ads work best for Ecommerce and Retailers with high web traffic and large inventory looking to re-engage their shoppers and drive conversions online. Here, Imtinan touches upon DPAs to share this ad type.

Based on his vast experience in the field, Imtinan explains the kind of clients you should look for & who can be your potential clients if you want to start a social media agency after this course. The complete step by step program on how to run a successful agency running Facebook ads for clients and getting paid $1,500 to $3,000 a month per client. Running Facebook ads for clients, is crazy efficient and Imtinan teaches you how to take advantage of it.

Imtinan has been asked many a times how to get the clients for a new social media agency which has no track record or history to depict to the potential clients. He narrates that in detail in this video lecture. Here, you can learn how you can get new clients when you have no success stories to tell.

This video lecture helps all those who are in the process of starting and establishing their own social media agency by providing the Facebook Advertising solutions. This lecture explores the process of running a client’s campaign, and how to help get your client more customers through Facebook Ads.

Presentation matters the most in services business. Imtinan focuses that in order to maintain a decent social media agency; you must try to keep the Ad Account tidy. Learn how you should keep your client’s ad account organized.

When it comes to offline businesses in Pakistan including restaurants, beauty salons, etc.,, we see most of the clients are running local businesses. They want to market in limited circle of area. This video tells you how you can perform targeting for local businesses. Does targeting matter in this case or not?

In these 8 Bonus Video Lectures, the International Facebook Marketing Expert, Tamas Locher helps you built up your concepts about Facebook Advertising based on international practices and challenges to think rationally about Facebook Marketing. Learn about his Digital Marketing Framework and see how he does digital marketing.

Tamas stresses on the significance of KPI’s & Metrics. He asks to identify your objective, select the KPI’s and map metrics to your KPI’s. He further elaborates on how to define your marketing objectives in a SMART way.

Here in this Video Lecture, Tamas shares how to find your ideal target customers. He opens up on his winning mythology of looking for the common characteristics of your customers, demographics, psychographics, behaviors, lifestyle and beliefs.

This is what Tamas is famous for. In this Video Lecture, he shares the top components of a $1 Billion message in a Facebook Ad. Watch this Video Lecture to know his secret recipe.

In Pakistan, rarely we get to hear about the Business Model Canvas. It is a global standard used by millions of people in companies of all sizes. You can use the canvas to describe, design, challenge, and pivot your business model. It works in conjunction with the Value Proposition Canvas, and other strategic management and execution tools and processes. Learn from the most consulted Expert how he uses it to his benefit.

Learn from Tamas Locher, a two steps framework that will help you to create a world-class visual presentation of your unique process or service. He adds how to formulate an offer while working in a service based industry, and also how look into the funnels from a new perspective.

As Tamas says “A well thought-through funnel gives you stronger & more retained customers”. In this Video Lecture, Tamas Locher presents his famous process of Customer Journey, Authority Amplifier and Ultimate Lead Magnet, inside funnel.

Secret Recipe Revealed! Here in this Video Lecture, you get to see Tamas Locher in full action. Watch carefully as Tamas Locher reveals all the secrets to scale up your business from just $1,000.

Imtinan reveals another direction where Facebook Advertising can help one make huge sums. He stresses on focusing on marketing methodology rather than focusing on the platforms. The understanding of fragmented markets, international platforms, print on demand platforms, & evergreen products is the focus of attention here.

In this lecture Imtinan makes it easier to understand the purpose of Instagram Advertising. This social media platform has a wide range of millennial influencers. So Instagram Ads give you an opportunity to further expand your business. You will learn the right way to setup Instagram accounts , how to run and manage Ads.

Little did you know that there’s a lot that Twitter has to offer. People on Twitter are influential and always on the look out for new things. So this can give you an edge in your marketing strategy. In this video Imtinan explains how you can use Twitter as a business tool. You will learn how to setup accounts. Imtinan talks in-depth about the right way of running and managing Twitter Ads.

As you all might know LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented platform used for showcasing Professional profiles. LinkedIn also provides a space for ads. These Ads are very beneficial because majority of the LinkedIn community consists of serious decision makers. In this video Imtinan will tell you about how you can manage and run such ads.

Pinterest links are normally the first links you see in the results when you google something. This gives Pinterest Ads a good amount of leverage. These Ads are great for getting your work infront of an audience. In this lecture you will learn how you can create, manage and run your Pinterest Ad Campaigns.

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